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BRICK'O'RAMA Art Collection by Dede

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BRICK'O'RAMA, my new Art Collection. As an icon of construction and a symbol of the streets, the Brick is the storyteller, bringing the structure and the feeling of Street Art straight to your hands and senses.
After a discussion of theme and colors and seeing photos of the space, Dede created a beautifully clever artwork that fits my home better than I could have imagined. Both tranquil and energetic, it pulls me to explore and delight. From my first joyful experience, the piece instantly earned a place in my heart.
Ben, Art Collector Amsterdam
We love your work, it's incredible! Thank you so much for dedicating your time spreading David Attenborough's message through your art. Your 'REWILD' branding is outstanding.
WWF Screenings Team


Born in São Paulo, Brasil, based in Amsterdam and Den Haag.
Self-taught painter seeking to create storytelling Icons and Symbols, with contemporary and urban art influence.

Dede brings storytelling, expressive ideas and hidden messages through his artworks. Contrast is the essence, highlighted by his strong and unique style, giving different perspectives while looking
from far or up close. Black and white predominates, going through darkness and light, gingerly touching surrealism. With strong influences from wildlife and the sea, the artist invites to dive deep and fly high beyond imagination. Messages about beliefs and making things happen.

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